Terms & Conditions


   Up to 31% per month


To ensure the smooth operation of this service for all users, it is required that you and each site that you promote with the service must comply with the following:

No code to break out of our frame No messages, ads, scripts, pop-ins, downloads, errors or dialog boxes which interrupt page rotation No inappropriate content or adult material No slow-loading pages

You MUST test your sites using our sign-up page or the Edit button for the site in your account.

Non-complying sites will be suspended (please replace the URL with a complying site and ask for the site to be released) or deleted. Credits will be lost on sites deleted.

Your account will be deleted if it is inactive for 60 days or if we cannot send e-mails to you. Your login email must be kept active. You can change it anytime with the Edit button. Bounced email is a cause for account deletion.

You may promote multiple sites but may have only one free account.

Members who have purchased Member Units may have multiple accounts. Each account must have a unique email address. You will not be able to use more than one account at the same time on the same PC. You may need to close your browser to change accounts.

You agree to receive emails from our administration and marketing departments, and from your upline and downline (single levels). Your personal information will not be shared with others.

You accept that your account may be assigned to an upline member. You will have the right to object to such assignment.

You agree to indemnify Winocash.com any and all claims resulting from your use of this service.

Member fees are not refundable under any circumstances after an initial “cooling off” period of 14 days from the date of your first purchase of units. You understand that to reverse or chargeback any payment may damage the program and its members. Any dispute will be settled by

Earnings are not guaranteed and payments to you are dependant on the net income of Winocash.com

To receive downline commission, your referrals must use the link found on the Referral page of your account and ensure that your Referral ID is entered on the sign-up form. You may refer family and friends and receive commission if they surf the required surfing activity daily. You may all use the same computer but not at the same time. You may have to restart your browser to change users.

You are welcome to promote Winocash.com but making false representations, using any form of SPAM or UCE including bulk email or posting to forums, lists or newsgroups etc where such postings are not welcome, will result in the cancellation of your account, the loss of payments and earnings, and prosecution.

You agree to indemnify the operators and members of Winocash.com from all claims and harm. In particular, you agree not to attempt fraudulent payments, not to attempt to charge-back or cancel payments, not to complain to providers or authorities and not to spread negative opinions which could undermine confidence in the program. You accept that Winocash.com rulings on any disputes are final. Winocash.com agrees to treat you fairly.

You accept that the operators of Winocash.com will use their best endeavors to provide and maintain this service indefinitely whilst outcomes are positive, but cannot be held responsible for events beyond their direct control.

Your use of this service implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

You also AGREE these terms are subject to change without notice !! We at Winocash.com share your mail to your upline. you may receive mails from them about Winocash.com and Winocash.com only. If you have been receiving too many mails from them please report at our support page. Furthermore any spam mail sent to your downline will result in account deletion !!


Winocash.com is a “paid to surf” traffic exchange. It provides free members with the opportunity to earn money for viewing other members’ web pages. You do not have to pay anything to earn money or to receive commissions. You can increase your rate of earnings by paying to upgrade your membership.

The money you pay to upgrade your Winocash.com account is a membership fee, NOT an “investment” or “deposit”. Money paid to you by Winocash.com is earned by you for your use of the services and is not “interest”.

Your membership fees are never returned to you. They are not refundable under any circumstances, unless you change your mind and request a refund within 7 days of your first payment.

Paying a membership fee to Winocash.com indicates that you have read and that you accept all terms and conditions disclosed on the site. You understand that there is NO GUARANTEE of earnings or profits, that monthly earnings may be reduced to zero at times if necessary and that you may not earn your money back or make any profit.

You accept that the services provided by Winocash.com are “as is” and may be discontinued at any time for any reason and that you may lose money as a result. Winocash.com intends to provide the services indefinitely but cannot be held responsible for events outside of its control. Such events may include a reduction of participation in the program, computer or network failure or legislation.

Any optional downline commission paid to you is a percentage of your membership fees credited to your account daily. Winocash.com does pay on multiple “levels”, at variable rates. The same rate of commission is NOT available to free and paid members.

All payments made by Winocash.com are derived from the net proceeds of the sales of memberships, site and email advertising, additional traffic credits, unreferred member accounts and any other revenue producing activities undertaken by Winocash.com from time to time.

If you have any complaint about Winocash.com or its services, please direct them to Winocash.com. We promise to treat you fairly. IT IS NOT IN YOUR INTEREST to complain to anyone else. Doing so may disrupt the continued operation of Winocash.com and result in losses for everyone. If you cannot understand and accept this, DO NOT PARTICIPATE.

You agree not to participate if you believe programs such as Winocash.com are illegal in your area or if you reside in any country prohibited from trade with the USA

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